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Nashville Child Sex Abuse Defense Lawyer

There is a national obsession with child sex abuse. Sensational and tragic stories about convicted sex offenders, who have re-offended - often in violent ways - are seen in the media regularly. Those sensational media stories and the fact that the general public seems inclined to automatically believe the allegation of a child results in a situation where anyone accused of a sexual offense against a child is for all practical purposes presumed guilty, will face years and often life in prison if convicted, and once out of prison the person is publicly humiliated and hounded.

With law offices in Nashville, Tennessee, the Law Office of Brent Horst knows how to defend child sex abuse cases in Tennessee. As a former prosecutor who specialized in the prosecution of sex crimes, he knows how the police, prosecutors, and social workers investigate and present these cases in court. He knows the special problems that these cases present and how to address those problems.

Children never lie about sex - or do they? Most people do not believe and do not want to believe that children, especially very young children, have the ability or inclination to lie about sex and sexual abuse. However, studies show that false accusations do occur and that investigators and social workers often conduct faulty interviews*. See, False Sex Abuse Allegations Lead to Revision of Theories.

Immediate and thorough investigation by the accused . Because of the bias that law enforcement and social workers have against the accused and in favor of any minor alleging sexual abuse, it is extremely important that trained professionals begin an immediate and through investigation. Use of special investigators by the accused is recommended when possible. Our office can provide advice on investigation of child sexual abuse allegations, as well as defense services. Contact the Law Office of Brent Horst. We work with Crowling Investigation Inc.

Once a child's story has been told to social workers, police and the prosecutor, the child has given the story three or more times and is locked into the story and afraid to tell the truth. Circumstances do not always allow the investigators or attorneys for the accused to interview the child, but when possible it should be done.

In many cases attorney Horst has investigated, the accuser either recanted the allegation or the allegation changed significantly enough that it was possible to convince authorities to not file charges or to dismiss the charges.

For example, in one case Mr. Horst was retained by a client after a child accuser made a claim to a school counselor that she was being sexually abused. Criminal defense attorney Brent Horst immediately interviewed the child before she gave a statement to the police or to the prosecutor. The child withdrew her allegation when speaking to Mr. Horst. Her recantation was documented and presented to the authorities. Mr. Horst also went with the stepfather to an interview with the police detective investigating the case. Just as Mr. Horst had warned, the detective asked certain questions designed to "trip up" the stepfather. The stepfather was prepared for these questions and therefore gave a very good interview to the detective. Charges were never filed.*

While no sex crimes attorney can promise a particular outcome in your case, the Law Office of Brent Horst has a proven track record of success, we fully understand the issues, and we have the experience to help you find your best defense.

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To learn more about our aggressive sexual misconduct criminal defense, contact the Law Office of Brent Horst to request a case evaluation in our Memphis law office. Call 615-970-6572 in Tennessee. Experience can make a difference .

Do not e-mail details of your case to us . Until you have retained us as your attorneys, this information could be used against you.

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